One of the side benefits that we  have discovered from our security measures is the enabling of further mining capabilities, that will continue to reward Bitcoin miners when the algorithms get hard and we start heading towards the cap of available Bitcoins.

How quick we can implement this new and exciting approach will depend on time and resources, but we are hoping to put our plans into action as quick as possible, so that Rimbit can place its active system into the community for all to reap the benefits.

At this stage, this an additional milestone to reach and we are working our hardest to make it available for the public as soon as RimBit will be launched. We are aware that we are not providing all the details of this new RimBit feature but it's a necessity for trade secret reasons.

We envisage all miners that have or are in the process of buying new equipment to stick it out, as what we have planned is sure to make your investment in hardware and time, just that bit more rewarding! We are very aware that Butterfly Labs is holding up your potential income by delaying the hardware. We hope to enable you to take full advantage of your investment with our Rimbit system!

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