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We have some big plans that will change Bitcoins to a more user friendly system that will allow adoption by the untrained/unskilled user, to allow Bitcoin to saturate the market.

However, it will take funds to make this happen

We are looking for a wise investor that will let us get on with our job of making RimBit a household name.

We are offering 20% of RimBit, so all we need is an investor to make us an offer. We don't have much to show apart from this website, but we are finalizing our plan forward and you can simply join us, or wait until later, when RimBit has done what Google did and just romped over the competition.

However, the thing is... There is no competition.

We are not finance type guys and there are less than 3 of us (for now as we are talking to many Devs), working on this project at time of writing. We do not know how to chase finance as that is a secondary problem for us. Our primary problem is controlling our enthusiasm!

Its a big gamble on nothing and we are very open about that, but the seed is there, the idea has been passed around to judge its value and our research has concreted everything. We can see very clearly that there will be more unfortunate issues with the current Bitcoin setup that is adopted by just about everyone. We do have more than one solution that combined, will work in harmony with Bitcoin as our preferred crypto-currency.


I found this quote:

Why VCs Love The Bitcoin Market

Jeremy Liew
Friday, April 5th, 2013

Editor's note: Jeremy Liew is a managing director at Lightspeed Venture Partners. Follow him on Twitter @jeremysliew.

As a VC, my interest in the Bitcoin ecosystem is not ideological but mercenary. I see the opportunity for Bitcoin to disrupt multi-billion-dollar markets, but in doing so also create new big markets. There are three key markets in Bitcoin:

Wallet. Holding your Bitcoins for you, serving some of the checking account functions of a bank.

Exchange. Converting from USD to Bitcoins and back.

Payments. Helping merchants accept Bitcoins for their transactions.

As a rule of thumb, VCs like to see billion-dollar markets to get excited. How can each of these markets get to be a billion dollars in size?

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