Wallet Security

Security for customers, whether they be consumers, merchants or just people who want to save Bitcoins can be a complicated process for many users, not experienced in new and emerging technologies.

By combining current technologies in a circuit manner, Rimbit has been able to plan a security solution based on a Rimbit Wallets and their usage. Certain identifying markers are used to authenticate the user, so that no Bitcoin leaves a users wallet, without that users consent.

Buyer Security

When sending out Bitcoins across the Internet, there is an uncertainty that is present. Due diligence is required for most part, but the Rimbit buyer security measures takes a few extra steps, so when you need to make a transfer, you will be supplied with seller information in terms of their "trust" value. This in no-way exposes a merchants details, unless they request it. Unfortunately, as the system is being developed, you will have to wait for the exact details, however, it will be open source for developers to tinker with.

Rimbit Security

Secure a system like Rimbit with all its functionality, so it can still trade regardless of server outages, Government interference or some catastrophe, is what we have worked hard to solve. Being a mere concept at this stage, the Rimbit platform will be setup to avoid most if not all attempts at shut down. We cannot say to much more on this, as they are trade secrets at this early point, but with most of what Rimbit is doing, a vast majority will be open source and left to the community to build on and modify, so other companies and individuals can prosper from our developmental work.

As we progress further, we will open up discussion on our system, but until then, we must maintain some vagueness.
Look a bit deeper and you may see what we are hinting at!


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