Bitcoin and Politics

First things first.

Before Bitcoin, all underground goods and services where paid with cash or other means. To have any reporter or government official state that Bitcoin promotes illegal activities is s testimant to the intelligence of the person speak/writing those words. It is beyond narrow mindedness and a travesty to the wellbeing of people and society.

So what can Bitcoin bring to the people?

With Bitcoin comes a freedom for businesses to trade without political interference. What this means is that at any given moment the government at its whim, can decide that something is illegal, then at some later stage, make it legal and so forth. Many of these rulings are based on religion, opinion and misinformation and it hurts society.

Bitcoin skips all that nonsense buy putting the power of reason and opinion directly on the consumer. If they choose to buy something, it is up to them. If a merchant wishes to sell a product or service, it is up to them to follow the legal requirements in doing so and to then provide the best service to the customer.

Bitcoin also increases a business revenue by bringing back the power to the merchant. No longer can profits bounce up and down based on a political decision to tax higher or lower. No longer does society fall victim to political money wasting, unless you continue to use fiat currency. No longer can industry of a government put limits of how much of your money you want at any given time.

We will follow this discussion further with more articles on the subject.


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