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For Bitcoin to succeed there needs to a release on the stranglehold that many individuals have as to privacy and the anonymity factor. Sure, its fine to have those ideals, but look around and you will see that by providing transparency, we know what chemicals are in our food, we know who we are sending money to and we know where to point the finger when something goes awry.

Bitcoins value is not in anonymity, but in the coin itself. It does what we entrust our Governments to do but fail miserably, time after time. Bitcoin takes care of itself and it prospers or suffers based on the communities use of it. It is the deregulation of Bitcoin that is where the power lies, not in its secrets.

RimBit will work with Governments, but not be ruled by them as that is the job of society as a whole and not "elected" people who are only there because society could not come up with a 100% certainty on who the best people for the job are.

Rimbit will be public in disclosing what information is given in what countries it is given and only from the registered people of that country. We will show overall statistics for everyone to see, but we will not do so by threat or bullying. There is no need for that.

It is each respective Governments role to supply us information that we can use to develop means of assisting them. Nothing more as we belong to the people without the need for an anarchy type system in place. Schools still need to be built, hospitals still need to be managed and roads need to continue being constructed. To avoid this is to do society an injustice.

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