Giving Crypto Currency to the Community

Rimbit 100% Distributed

Rimbit is finally 100% distributed
The first coin to achieve this feat

No Whitepaper - It is just a simple "Store of Wealth"
100% owned by the community as of November 2017
Its 4 years old and has proved itself!


100% Community Owned as of November 2017
There is no longer a figure head to Rimbit as it has been traded for the past 4 years, gaining influence as a peoples coin only, with the only objective as a storage of wealth, which is what all coins really are and we wanted it kept out of the mining community and managed by PEOPLE ONLY

Rimbit has always been different

Rimbit was 100% premine and has had to fight to remain active as premine was the only way to be CPU, GPU, ASIC or any other form of tech, independent!
Rimbit had to run just on an everyday users wallet and nothing more!

We have started pushing Rimbit out via as many Exchanges that are prepared to take on a Cryptocurrency that has stood the test of time and doesn't need nodes to process transactions.

As a wallet, its very stable and just needs trading on exchanges to complete the circle of being a great contender as a coin in the Crypto Industry