Giving Crypto Currency to the Community

Rimbit - The Future

A Currency that embodies the community
Devoid of ownership
Unable to be controlled

Where to Buy?

Rimbit can only be obtained from Exchanges
The more People Power that Rimbit gets by contacting Exchanges and requesting them to "hold" Rimbit, the quicker that you can start watching your Rimbit RISE in value!


Development is now in the hands of the people.
Create new wallets, create new shopping carts or create anything you think will help the community!

You are the developers

What is Ahead?

That all depends on the community as we have had many obstacles to go through and many doubters that are now realizing that their "other" coin is not a perfect solution as it shows how easy its manipulated by those in the Industry and by Power Miners


Dont wait till Rimbit suddenly does the unthinkable and goes the same way as Bitcoin, making many people very well off financially!

Missed out when Bitcoin was just $1.00 Dollar?

There is no reason that Rimbit cant achieve amazing financial results and stability over time!

  1. As the user base grows it will only get stronger
  2. As realization of Crypto manipulation becomes more apparent, people will start exploring alternatives
  3. Rimbit is a proven and fully functioning Crypto that just needs to break the status quo perceptions!
  4. Self Perpetuating system that will run indefinately, while there is power and people using the system.
  5. Unstoppable - Rimbit cannot be stopped no matter how hard anyone tries

Why is Rimbit Different?

Bitcoin - Bitcoin has 8 major large scale mining facilities that control the sending and receiving of Bitcoin over the Blockchain.
They can decide who gets priority over a "send" of BTC from one wallet to another and if you dont pay the Higher Fee, your transaction can take between 6 hours and 24 hours to process, as the Higher Fee transactions have priority
The 8 large scale mining facilities are all China based and owned, with 3 of them, sponsored by the Chinese Government, which they tactfully use to create panic by creating speculative laws to drop the price, then buy cheaper Bitcoin, then let the blockchain recover again, making $$$ millions in the process

FIAT - Fiat currency is manipulated by each country that prints their own currency, with some countries being a little smarter than others and is why some countries like China are known for their currency manipulation, which carries over to Crypto Currency, as they control the Blockchain (unless your in complete denial and believe they wont do that)

Rimbit - It was designed as simple as possible, taking most of its functionality from Bitcoin, with the exception of being a STAKED coin (It generates interest based on your coins age and balance), plus Rimbit has removed the entire MINING aspect so it cannot be manipulated by anyone, except the community.
The community decide its value with no other influence possible and that is where its power is located and once people begin to realize that Governments and Industry dont play fair when it comes to society, finance and information, then Rimbit, a currency that the community own and control, will slowly come out of the shadows.
Rimbit has been around since 2014 and cannot die as there are now enough users to keep the network running on its own, without the need of miners or even nodes, which ANY country is completely powerless to do anything about as Rimbit is now unstoppable!

How to get Rimbit? - You can only get Rimbit (RBT) on Exchanges


Trading BTC

  • Trade BTC for RBT


Trading LTC

  • Trade LTC for RBT


Trading DOGE

  • Trade DOGE for RBT


Trading BTC

  • Trade BTC for RBT


Trading ETH

  • Trade ETH for RBT


Trading DOGE

  • Trade DOGE for RBT


Trading USD

  • Trade USD for RBT


Trading BTC

  • Trade BTC for RBT

Its exciting getting interest on your Rimbit Balance

The more Rimbit you have in your Wallet, the more Interest it will get.

Rimbit creates new coins everyday from within the code and deposits those newly created Rimbit directly into your wallet, if its open and staking.

Rimbit will "hold" an amount of Rimbit and then will commence generating new coins on the amount held and then release if for the community of Rimbit users to confim and verify those new coins and then simply deposit it back into your wallet, increasing your initial amount of Rimbit.
This is the way it should be and Rimbit has done it, without you spending money on mining hardware.


Drawback to a Miner-less Currency
There is no real drawback to a miner-less Cryptocurrency, except in the way its distributed. Mined coins distribute themselves via the Dev, then the Mining Pools, via Miners. It is then further distributed out to the community via Exchanges.

Rimbit is different as its distributed directly via Dev to Exchanges.

The issue is not one of difficulty, code or even ethics, but personal perception that is fair for a mined coin, but not for a miner-less coin

One lets all Devs and Miners the right to put a coin out for exchange
The other is criticized for doing the same thing
The drawback is more of an emotional opinion, as it or the developers are not given the same equal rights, which is a trivial and childishly selfish ideal

Giveaways and Promotions

We promote new Giveaway Methods via Twitter.
We sometimes remove methods as they tend to become more complicated than either ourselves or the Rimbit users want, so we are always looking for new avenues to send out Free Rimbit.

The best way of knowing the giveaways is via our Tweets that we tweet out and until we find something more efficient, that will have to do.

With Rimbit continuing to grow every month, we hope that new users will encourage more users to come on board, thereby expediting our Give Aways quicker as our goal is to empty all our wallets ASAP

We do hand out large sums of RBT to developers who are first verified and need testing RBT for their services, so sometimes there will be other Give Aways that we wont know about 😛


Our Forum is up and running

We have setup a forum for the community to discuss how they will work the future of Rimbit, as we are merely the gatekeepers for now.

Recent Forum Posts

Support us on Patreon

We have been around the Internet for over 4 years and apart from the first 2 weeks, we have never needed a single miner, GPU, ASIC or otherwise.

Our Model has changed a few times and now we only need funding for 2 things.

  • Marketing
  • Finding new avenues of giving away Rimbit

This Patreon is NOT for a swap of coins, but instead helping us finance our need to expand as much as we can with Marketing and distribution, with the creation of faucets and website that help us give Rimbit away

We have started pushing Rimbit out via as many Exchanges that are prepared to take on a Cryptocurrency that has stood the test of time and doesn't need nodes to process transactions.

As a wallet, its very stable and just needs trading on exchanges to complete the circle of being a great contender as a coin in the Crypto Industry