Rimbit is very Unique

Rimbit is one of the few coins
that can continue running by itself
as it needs no intervention by miners

Get your Rimbit Wallet here

And join the minerless Crypto Community


Rimbit is looking for any distribution methods that are not FAUCET related as we dont see why if we are giving coins away, that people should subject themselves by the demoralizing and spam ridden faucet systems.

We are in discussions with one company to help distribute Rimbit, but in the meantime, here is how you can get totally Free without having to jump through silly hoops


Next Goal: Full Distribution

First to be 100% Distributed

Rimbit was the first coin to run without miners, making it a coin that does not need any 3rd party intervention!

Now we want to take it another step and be the first coin that is still trading to be 100% distributed to the people, no matter how its done, but with regards to those that have Rimbit in wallets and on exchanges.

What we will now do, is give Rimbit away via any means that we find as a free option to users.

Bot-Ruger is now retired and Rimbit itself, will not be selling RBT anymore, but instead, handing it out via FREE DISTRIBUTION methods, so it gets into as many hands as possible

The only Crypto Currency that can continue without mining

There is no mining with Rimbit
There is no mining pools with Rimbit
The wallets confirm and verify using users wallets
In return, users get 5% interest on their Rimbit per annum
Rimbit is the only TRUE community coin

Distribution is done via our BOT and is done on exchanges
Our Bot decides to trade on exchanges once every Friday, for 24 hours, then removed till the next cycle,  next Friday
Our Bot trades with new users with easy buy in amounts
Our Bot trades higher as well, based on trading history of users


Drawback to Minerless Currency

There is no real drawback to a minerless Cryptocurrency, except in the way its distributed. Mined coins distribute themselves via the Dev, then the Mining Pools, via Miners. It is then further distributed out to the community via Exchanges.

Rimbit is different as its distributed directly via Dev to Exchanges.

  • The issue is not one of difficulty, code or even ethics, but personal perception that is fair for a mined coin, but not for a minerless coin
  • One lets all Devs and Miners the right to put a coin out for exchange
    The other is criticized for doing the same thing

The drawback is more of an emotional opinion, leaving Rimbit to travel the waves of technology, looking for a home within a users wallet


Trading BTC

  • Trade BTC for RBT


Trading LTC

  • Trade LTC for RBT


Trading DOGE

  • Trade DOGE for RBT


Trading BTC

  • Trade BTC for RBT


Trading BTC

  • Trade BTC for RBT

The Only Crypto that was Built for YOU!

Where to Buy?

Rimbit can ONLY be purchased from Exchanges.
The more People Power that Rimbit gets by contacting Exchanges and requesting them to "hold" Rimbit, the quicker that you can start watching your Rimbit RISE in value!


Development is now in the hands of the people.
Create new wallets, create new shopping carts or create anything you think will help the community!

You are the developers

What is Ahead?

That all depends on the community as we have had many obstacles to go through and many doubters that are now realizing that their "other" coin is not a perfect solution as it shows how easy its manipulated by those in the Industry and by Power Miners

We have started pushing Rimbit out via as many Exchanges that are prepared to take on a Cryptocurrency that has stood the test of time and doesn't need nodes to process transactions.

As a wallet, its very stable and just needs trading on exchanges to complete the circle of being a great contender as a coin in the Crypto Industry