Worlds first Self Sustaining Currency

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Self Sustaining Currency Ecosystem? What do we mean by that? Lets first take a look at 2 examples of currency and they being Fiat Currency and Crypto Currency Fiat Currency Fiat Currency is what we all use now in the form of USD, CAD, AUD, Euro and so on and they are currencies issued out by Countries, managed by Countries …

The Jokes on Bitcoin users - Its not right!

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When we first started with Rimbit, we did so because we knew that mining was exploiting a function of Bitcoins distribution method that required a person to mine coins and as it became more difficult, more expensive hardware would need to be purchased to perform this “only” function. We also knew that at some stage that the amount of hardware …

Rimbit will be the next big thing

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Rimbit is a lot like Apple as it does things differently and it has attracted some heavy hitting haters simply because it turns the industry upside down – but for the better! Crypto Currencies are all essentially the same as they use a peer network to verify and confirm transactions, or so they say, but the reality is completely different …


True Potential value of ANY Digital Currency

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In an earlier post I described an idea that if all Fiat Currency was border-less, then fluctuations would not be as drastic. Relating this to Digital Currency is even easier as the currency model has by nature, been coded to be border-less, meaning that 1 coin in Timbuktu has the same value in New York, with the exception being the …


New Custom PC Giveaway - The Hunt is ON!

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Its time to acknowledge the people who have contributed to the campaigns we run on Indiegogo, our forum and of course this main website, by putting in place Giveaway Milestones at certain levels throughout the campaign’s life! So starting today, we will assign 1 point per every dollar spent on a contribution, whether purchased on Indiegogo, our forum or on …