New Custom PC Giveaway - The Hunt is ON!

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Its time to acknowledge the people who have contributed to the campaigns we run on Indiegogo, our forum and of course this main website, by putting in place Giveaway Milestones at certain levels throughout the campaign’s life!

So starting today, we will assign 1 point per every dollar spent on a contribution, whether purchased on Indiegogo, our forum or on this website with the counter being the Indiegogo contribution amount, which currently stands at $139,800 and the first Giveaway announced at the $200,000 and every $50,000 thereafter.

We use Indiegogo to be the Milestone Goal, because its the one most people use, is Public and Independent from Rimbit, so you know what the contribution amounts are at any time, even though it might be exceeded by contributions on the forum or this main site. Its only the Indiegogo numbers we will be going by!

With every 1 point you earn, your name is attached to that 1 point and you will enter the Milestone Draw when that goal is achieved, so if you contribute $5 towards a contribution, that means you will have 5 chances to win the Custom PC for that milestone. Once we have gone over the milestone, all previous points are removed and a new lot is added as we proceed to the next milestone.

So what will you get?

We have been watching and reviewing custom system builders and will approach them with the aim to have each winners PC built exclusively by them and with public updates and videos, showing the progress of the builds.

All builds will have the latest graphics card at the time the winner is chosen and they will also be fitted out with at minimum, 1 terabyte in SSD, whether a single unit or multiple drives, based on what is available at the time of the build.

All builds will also be water-cooled to a minimum of the CPU and Graphics Cards with some builds also cooling down the RAM and parts of the motherboard as needed, with colored coolant to match the unique build and paint scheme.

Who will build the Custom PC’s?

Good question and that will be based on what we see as the best of the best Custom Builders that can also ship on time and too anywhere in the world.
Some of the builders we have in mind are listed below and we will contact in the next coming weeks will be:

Origin PC

Falcon Northwest


Velocity Micro

Singularity Computers (Preferred)

Why are we doing this?

We admit that we are doing it for publicity and we are also doing it for the fun of it, because that is what Rimbit is all about.

Rimbit means you can just use the Digital Currency as you please, without the worry that it may be manipulated by mining in whatever means it may come and will NEVER worry if your transactions will slow down because the ASIC chips aren’t good enough to keep up with the ever increasing mathematical difficulty.

We also need to get Rimbit out to as many people as possible and what better way than adding a Giveaway on top off the Rimbit that you can acquire via a contribution to any campaign on any website that we have stated. The more we get Rimbit out to the world, the more its recognized and the more valuable it becomes!

Have we done this before?

Yes we have and at the time we gave away an Alienware PC to a forum member that had the most referrals to the Indiegogo Campaign and he can be found frequenting our forum. You cant miss him as his Avatar on the forum is the Alienware logo :)

Due to the difficulty in getting an Alienware paid and sent to Canada, we are not including them in our search for the very special Rimbit PC builder!

Where to get Rimbit and be included in the Giveaways?




Good luck and we hope you are one of the many lucky winners!

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