4 Millionaires when Rimbit hits $1 dollar

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4 people will become instant millionaires when Rimbit hits the $1 dollar mark and another 23 millionaires will arrive at the $10 dollar mark and we cant wait to see what fantastic toys some of them will be buying.

Im sure that some will be moving into new homes and some will be paying off mortgages, but of course that will only happen when Rimbit hits that right combination of time, popularity and circumstances that will shoot it on an upward path as it begins to hit valuation milestones time and time again.

Just like Bitcoin, these entrepreneurs gambled and its only time that is holding them from reaching that first big milestone in their financial endeavor to be free from the constraints of a full time job if the chose, with choices now being part of their lives.

Its not a big dream and its not difficult to do as Bitcoin has already created many millionaires already and it also took time for that to happen!

Its knowing when to pick the right coin at the right time that will create new millionaires and Rimbit could just be the one!

Rimbit cannot be mined, so there is no point in looking for mining pools as Rimbit can only be gotten via donations that go towards the ecosystem, sustaining itself and also developing itself into a more useful platform as new updates and new tools are created.

There is no promise Rimbit will reach the $1 dollar mark, but there is also no promise that it wont as its all in the hands of the community to push Rimbit, without any intervention from anyone or anything and that is a very good thing.

Bitcoin is already out there and for sure, there is still profits to be made and there are also many other coins to hedge your bets on, with Rimbit being just one of them, but with a very good chance of becoming a sensation as it only does one thing and that is to move from one point to another as quickly as possible, just using basic technology!

You can buy Rimbit from this website, our forum at and if your still not sure, we run a campaign at Indiegogo that is ready for you to get some Rimbit!

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