Download your Rimbit Wallet for all the Major Operating Systems.
The Windows wallet works for bit 32 and 64 versions of Windows, while the Linux Wallets are separated as either 32bit or 64bit wallets

Rimbit is a Digital Currency much like Bitcoin, except with a few very important changes

  • Rimbit is not Mined and instead it uses a term called Minting
  • Minting is the process of gaining Interest on your Rimbit Balance
  • Minting occurs when a Wallet is online and Unlocked
  • Simplicity in the Wallet’s usage is a key factor with Rimbit
  • Its only a Digital Currency, so we see no need to complicate features

Rimbit still needs some time to expand out to the community and when it is in the hands of more people, there will be opportunities created for people to begin trading Rimbit for goods and services.
Its early times yet and the future of Rimbit is all in the hands of the people!

Wallet How To


Rimbit has a Community Forum for more Help and Support

Simply go to http://rimbitforum.net for more support


Total Balance: The total balance of confirmed Rimbit

Confirmed: Received Rimbit that is confirmed on the Blockchain

Unconfirmed: Received Rimbit that has not yet been confirmed on the Blockchain

Unconfirmed Interest: Interest that has been minted, but not yet confirmed on the Blockchain

Send coins

Pay To: The Rimbit Wallet Address of the recipient

Label: You can create a label to remember the recipient and can be anything you want. It is not compulsory to fill in

Amount: The amount of Rimbit you want to send to the recipient

Receive coins

Receive coins is your Rimbit Wallet Address and is what you send to other people, so they can send you Rimbit.

You can also “label” this wallet, to give it a name such as “My Shop” or anything your want. It is not compulsory

Copying your Address

When you hover your mouse over your Rimbit Wallet Address, you can “Right Click” on your mouse and that will popup some wallet functions.

Simply “Copy Address” and it will be in your computer clipboard, which you can “Paste” anywhere you need to put your wallet address, such as when you purchase Rimbit from this Website.

Displaying your wallet address in public is not a security concern as nobody can do anything with it, except send Rimbit to that wallet.

Show QR Code

Right Clicking on your Rimbit Wallet Address also gives you the option to display the QR code for that wallet address.

When you show the QR code to someone that is to send you some Rimbit, they can “scan” the code with their Rimbit Wallet on their Android Device and send you Rimbit via this means.

You can also take a screenshot of the QR code and display it on T-Shirts, Bumper Stickers, Shop Windows or anything else you desire, so people can send Rimbit to your Rimbit Wallet Address, simply by scanning your QR code.

Every QR code generated is specific to the wallet address, so if you run multiple wallet addresses, each one will have its on QR code.


Transactions: You can use this page to view all your sends and receives, including your Interest receives.

You can also view the progress of the Rimbit confirmations, that are 100% confirmed after 6 confirmation and is displayed by a green checkmark

Backup - Important

At the top left hand side of your wallet

  • Click File
  • Click on Backup Wallet
  • Save Backup to a safe and secure location

When you save your backup, consider that you may forget you have a Rimbit Wallet is on your computer and you may “Format”, sell or destroy your PC, only to remember your Rimbit Wallet was on that PC.

If you have a Backup on a USB Drive, DVD, CD, external drive or other, you can be safe in knowing you can retrieve the entire wallet contents.

However, if someone else gets access to your Backup, they will also have access to your entire wallet, so secure your wallet with passwords and also have the Backup in a secure location.

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