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Indie Game developers to be offered 1200 Rimbit

Indie Game developers bring so much to gamers that for some, its become a pure form of artwork, that encompasses generations, genres and genders.

Indie game developers can spend every waking moment on their creations and can sometimes miss out, when changes occur in the world. It may sound far fetched, but we ourselves missed out on the news of the Malaysian Airline tragedy, till weeks later, as we where smack bang in the middle of some important scripting, that we just couldn't steer ourselves away from the PC.



Indie Game developers - We have something for you!

As part of our development, we have put aside Rimbit for many groups. Currently we are sending out free Rimbit to military veterans and now we are moving to the next group, being Indie Game developers who we have a strong and personal relationship with, as we are Gamers ourselves.

We hope that many Game developers will take our offer and we also hope that some of these developers can tweak their games to include Rimbit into their game model, for real-time in-game purchasing, game purchasing or anything else that their clever minds can come up with. Our code is located on Github and can be had here

We also have a forum where Indie Game developers can go to beta test games, even if they don't use Rimbit, as the forum is quite respectful and dismissive of nonsense from people, so that real feedback can be obtained. The forum can be found here

So whats the offer and requirements?

If you would like to apply for the free 1200 Rimbit, all you need to do is show us some work in progress or your current game. You don't have to have a Alpha or Beta version available, nor do you need to have any code written up. A simple proof that you are working on a game, such as storyline, website, crowdfunding campaign, game sketches is all we need.

Please email us via our contact form and we will contact you back and arrange to send you 1200 Rimbit.

Rimbit may not be super valuable in the next week or month, but we are aiming that it follows Bitcoins rise to $100 USD in 2013 and continue to rise, due to the way we have built Rimbit, which means that you could possibly be holding well over $120,000 USD in a few years.


We support all Indie Game developers and if you need something from us, all you need to do is ask.
There are over 60 million Rimbit in circulation, so in 200 days, those circulated will be all thats available, which will then become valuable as it becomes more rare.


You can grab your free wallets here
Then contact us with an overview of your game and we will fill your Wallet up with 1200 Rimbit!

To also help Indiegame developers, we will do an article on this website to all games that are in Alpha, Beta or full distribution. You deserve the recognition!

Rimbit EPIC sales end in:


Over 80 million Rimbit's currently in private circulation in every part of the world.


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