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Imagine if Bitcoin was easy

If we could roll back Bitcoin to its first line of code and could see in the future, Bitcoin may have been built completely different.

Removing the monopoly of hardware manufacturers would solve many issues, which keeps Bitcoin centralized as Companies clamor to buy the latest mining hardware at ridiculous prices to resell as cloud mining to users, but with less returns to them than the hardware can actually achieve.

Imagine a Bitcoin world that was already in the hands of users and imagine if those users could simply get more Bitcoin just by the simple process of leaving their wallets open. Its at this point that Bitcoin would become a true savings bank, something which eludes the digital currency right now.


Roll Back Bitcoin to 2009

If Bitcoin could have done that way back in 2009, then there would be greater need for it as a digital currency today as it has the potential to be used by banks, merchants, credit agencies as a real vehicle for transacting, something it cannot do while it continues to be mined. Its no secret that Banks and merchants are in business to make money, so the delusion that Bitcoin in its current form could work with these institutions is a little crazy. The same can be said for PayPal who is treading cautiously with Bitcoin as PayPal knows that may at any time, pull the plug and let Bitcoin wallow in unconfirmed transactions or worse, manipulate Bitcoin for its own bidding, sending users, merchants and investors into massive debt.


Yes, its is these things that stop Bitcoin from going that little step further, but have no fear as Rimbit had the chance to wind the clock back to 2009 (figuratively) and set itself up to avoid these pitfalls. Sure some may argue with premining, but how else can it be distributed in a short time and without mining. After all, even Bitcoin is in its own way premined, with little of the profits, if any, being put back into the Bitcoin system.


There is a new Crypto on the Block and it has nothing to do with dogs!

Its 2014 and Rimbit is new, so will you read this article again in 2017 and think that you may have let the big one slip by... again?

Its up to you and we do have a countdown to show when the last of the Rimbit is for sale, so there is no excuse to miss out again and if your sceptical about Crypto Currency, then just look at what Bitcoin has achieved with all its flaws and consider buying just a few dollars worth as it will become thousands in years to come.

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Over 80 million Rimbit's currently in private circulation in every part of the world.


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