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Why some Crypto Currencies crash and burn!

There are many Crypto Currencies on the market and some will crash and burn and others will survive!

From day one, Rimbit has always been unique in the way it has gone about the creation of the Rimbit coin and the way it has distributed the coin. It first started out as an idea, just like Bitcoin, that had its goal as being a true peoples coin that has value and at its core, simple to use.


We had to remove mining!

With mining Rimbit being removed, there was only one option left and that was to create and store all the Rimbit coins in-house. As a business concept, it is very logical as it removes the need for 3rd party involvement, such as mining hardware, mining pools and involvement with bad business practices. This can be directly seen as every other coin is reliant on 3rd party hardware manufacturers to develop, market and sell that hardware, at inflated prices and uncertain delivery times, just so every "other" coin can come into existence. Then there are the mining pools that you must join to have a shot at earning some of that precious crypto currency. Unless that particular crypto currency is in its infancy, you will not be able to solo mine efficiently. So that then leaves you at the mercy of mining pools and there business/security practices as they hold all those valuable coins until you are ready to send them to your own wallet, where you decide the security levels.


No mining means decentralization

As Rimbit is not subject to 3rd party hardware, the need for mining pools, means that its just Rimbit and the user. No-one else is in the middle, controlling aspects of the digital currencies creation or distribution. You can argue it 100 ways, but the answer will always be the same. Rimbit is just you and me.. ONLY!


No mining? How is it distributed

The answer is simple. We sell it!

If Rimbit followed the "other" coins, including Bitcoin, this would be the scenario:

  • Users purchase expensive equipment to mine.
    A large percentage of the users investment goes to:
    1. Recouping the funds for the initial purchase of the hardware
    2. Part of any mined coin MUST be used to pay utility bills that are part and parcel of the acquisition of the digital currency
    3. On average the investment potential for "other" coins is at between 5% and 25% with the remainder going to mining hardware manufacturers, mining pools and electric supply companies.


When a user buys Rimbit, they immediately receive 100% of the investment with no other work that needs to be done


Why is this good?

Without 3rd party involvement, comes a more stable platform that big name companies can rely on to keep a balanced system that is just a the digital currency and the user, with no outside interference. A company is free to use Rimbit as they please, when they please.


What has Rimbit then achieved?

  • Distribution is quick
  • Rimbit can fund further development
  • Users have a more stable Crypto Currency that acts like a bank and earns you interest per annum
  • Users can adopt Rimbit quicker, fund their wallets quicker
  • Users investment ratio is 100% (There is no other coin, including Bitcoin that comes close)
  • Its the fastest confirming digital currency on the market, which makes it attractive to banks, shops and traders
  • With over 60 million Rimbit in circulation, it means that if we switched everything off now, it would continue to perform just with the users who have Rimbit!
    No other coin, including Bitcoin can do that!

Rimbit EPIC sales end in:


Over 80 million Rimbit's currently in private circulation in every part of the world.


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