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Rimbit best features that make it better than Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the worlds greatest invention!

Bitcoin heralded digital currency to the world back in 2009 and up until 2013, it was confined to the tech/geek group. Bitcoin is created by hardware solving calculations and is also distributed via the hardware used to create the Bitcoin. In theory it works well, until the user finds out that they need to keep purchasing better hardware, which is then only useful within a few month period, where it then is not powerful to continue creating Bitcoin at a profitable rate, considering the initial hardware purchase is also added to by the huge amounts of electricity they consume, relegating many users of the hardware at a financial burden as they cannot come up with the months utility bill.


The average user cannot mine Bitcoin anymore

The difficulty level to mine Bitcoin has reached a point that many users are dropping out of mining and instead looking at other Altcoins to point their hardware at, in hopes that the Altcoin they chose to mine, becomes profitable at some stage and are so desperate to do so, will promote coins that are more child's play or vulgar in name, for that easy dollar!

But... Bitcoin needs mining hardware to confirm transactions and the less miners, the longer confirmation times are needed to process a Bitcoin via the network. At some point, even the large mining pools will shut down, well before Bitcoin reaches its full distribution in 100 plus years. No mining, no confirmations!


So what is the Crypto - Digital Currency alternative?

The alternative to Bitcoin that solves many issues would be a digital currency that does not have the following:

  • Does not need to be mined to obtain it first hand
  • Does not need miners to confirm transactions
  • Does not take years, decades or centuries to be in full distribution
  • Can generate additional coins as users lose them, get destroyed and so on


The Alternative to Bitcoin should have the following features:

  • A users wallet is all that is needed to confirm transactions
  • Is fully distributed in a short period of time
  • Can be easily purchased
  • Can generate newly minted coins over time to offset loss, destruction of coins, etc


So Bitcoin is touted as its own bank. How so?

First we must look at where these statements are coming from, which tend to be fan based comments that are not generally well thought out.
If Bitcoin wallets where banks, then if you have 100 Bitcoin in that wallet, how much will you have in a years time, if you never touched them? The answer is very simple. You would still have 100 Bitcoins in a years time, 10 years time or 100 years time. Some may argue that valuations will increase. Others argue that valuations will decrease due to Bitcoin being managed 51% by corporations (mining farms) and can manipulate Bitcoin at their own whim, as the only way Bitcoin can function is with the desperate need of mining hardware which is now becoming solely owned by corporations.


Is there an Altcoin that has solved all these scarey Bitcoin issues?

Yes there is!

  • Doesn't need mining
  • Doesn't need mining pools
  • Is not at the mercy of corporations
  • Is not at the mercy of government control via corporations
  • Works like a bank and gives you Interest per annum
  • Generates coin via a minting process and distributes it to wallets in form of Interest per annum


The coin is called Rimbit and it is the coin designed to take over Bitcoins place as the coin of the people, because it does great things, rewards users and keep corporate manipulation away from itself. Most of all, it will be fully distributed by April 18, 2015

People now have a choice of the best Cryptocurrency. Will they choose a dog coin to handle their finances? Perhaps Bitcoin and never know when the corporate switch will be flicked on, hoping that its owners maintain fairness? Does anyone know a corporation that looks after its user base over its stockholders?

Rimbit is the best choice and its quick distribution and clever use of how it manages confirmations keep it in the hands of every parent, shopkeeper, farmer, teenager and so on, to maintain true decentralization... Decentralization, is what Rimbit can do that no other coin can do, so jump on the bandwagon and keep you coins in your hands and earn interest while doing so!

Rimbit EPIC sales end in:


Over 80 million Rimbit's currently in private circulation in every part of the world.


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