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Rimbit - Guinness World Record

There are a plethora of Crypto Currencies on the market, all with the same dreadfully boring and "no need for" functions that are only there to facilitate early adoption by mining early to get "rich quick", whether it be Bitcoin or any other knockoff. Early adopters of Bitcoin could mine and gain 1000's of Bitcoin a day, until difficulty is such that the same equipment can now only mine 1 Bitcoin every few years. All knockoff Crypto Currencies will also face the difficulty hurdle over time, regardless of its code. Except Rimbit.

Another function that mining induces is the long (over 100 years) for a coin to be fully distributed. Because of the time-frames, it is not for certain what the final outcome could mean for these coins and what issues these long distribution times make take. Except for Rimbit.

So as Rimbit is unique in so many ways, one of its main attributes is that it will be in full distribution within 300 days of its initial public launch. With around 200 days left to go and with more than 60 million Rimbit in the hands of users, the end of the 300 days of Rimbit will herald an interesting situation, where a Digital Currency is fully distributed, has a relative high number distributed as opposed to Bitcoin and also has interest built into the system.

This event will be a worlds first and as such, we have approached the Guinness World Record group to document this occasion along with the sacrificially deletion of remaining Rimbit that have not been issued to the public. We hope that the Guinness people recognize this as the historic event that it is and we are waiting on their selection criteria, that we will follow up and create another article for you.

The record we are going for is: First Digital Currency in full distribution.
This will put Rimbit in the same league as the first man in space, the first man to walk on the moon, the first computer, the first Internet user and so on. Sure Bitcoin was out first, but it has yet to achieve full distribution, but as some may know, there is a big problem with Bitcoin that will never allow it to be fully distributed as it will loop back at the end of the coin generating cycle and reissue another 21 million Bitcoin and continue to do so at the end of every cycle, unless it is hard forked or reissued as a new currency. This is a secret, many in the Bitcoin industry don't want you to know as it may crash the coin completely.

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Over 80 million Rimbit's currently in private circulation in every part of the world.


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