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Rimbit or Bitcoin



In the world of Crypto Currency stands opportunities for businesses and individuals to profit from the right choice in the "coin" they wish to adopt.


We were at one stage online merchants, so we have some knowledge with stock control, paying wholesalers, paying wages and the everyday running of an online business.

For merchants, being able to know the prices you are selling for, will make you a profit on the goods or services is paramount in being a success on the Internet or in the real "bricks and mortar" world. You need to know that when you sell for x dollars, your net profit will be broken up into profits, utility payments, wages and so on.

With Rimbit you can do this, as the currency is stable and your Rimbit Wallet will only increase in the amount of Rimbit you hold, simply because it earns you substantial interest. With Bitcoin, you need to exchange it for fiat currency as soon as possible, unless you are also into speculating on its price from hour to hour, which doesn't leave much time to run your business.

So unlike Rimbit, the Bitcoin you hold may increase or come crashing down as it has done in its past history. Even if it remains stable, thats it, you don't gain any interest at all, so swapping it our for dollars, euro's etc and putting it in the bank to earn you interest is your only option.


Here is where speculators can shine with their Bitcoin, as you can buy low and sell high if you can predict the market. Knowing that Bitcoin needs to be mined and knowing the difficulty and hash rates per cost of new ASIC equipment, will help you make money on speculative information on Bitcoin.

Rimbit doesn't have that, but for someone wanting to join the Crypto Currency community, Rimbit does offer you investment choices as the coin increases by $0.01 USD per day for the next 300 days. So buying Rimbit at even $1.00 USD is still a perfect investment as it will have doubled in price within the next 100 days. But, don't forget you also earn interest on top of your Rimbit investment, which makes Rimbit a more stable option.

We do owe a lot to Bitcoin, as it started this fantastic journey into the new millennium with a true user currency. However, as merchants past, we stopped taking Bitcoin due to its crazy fluctuations that where instigated when countries banned, then unbanned the coin or when there was any news of wrong doing on someones behalf. As a business, we had to stop taking Bitcoin, because our losses where to excessive.

So the choice as a User or a Merchant is quite simple. Do you like taking risks for a possible profit or would you like something a bit more stable, is friendly to your finances and will increase in value and in amounts, simply by owning some Rimbit!

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Over 60 million currently in private circulation in every part of the world.


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