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Rimbit is Bank ready

Bitcoin is having a lot of problems being accepted as a currency, so much so that its been lobbed in as a commodity, because it does not have the ability to keep its price without jumping $100 here or $100 there and in either direction. Its stability is like that of a house of cards, ready to topple and take your money with it. It is why no company will adopt it as a trading platform unless they want to maintain losses and profits which cannot be controlled.


Looking at the news we see many companies taking Bitcoin now, but dig a little deeper and you may find that those comments come from people not authorized to make those statements. You need to ask the accounting departments if it can handle Bitcoins wild fluctuations in their financial model.


So this is where Rimbit comes in. First it does not rely on a small sector of the community to stay afloat by means of mining and secondly, its controlled for 300 days, so there is no crazy manipulation of the price of Rimbit. It has a plan to increase by $0.01 USD per day, up till $3.00 USD and then as it remains in the community hands, then just like the Euro, Dollar, Yen or any other currency, the valuation is based on the spending, buying of Rimbit with Merchants, to gain value. It will be transactions for goods and services that will dictate the value and that is what sets Rimbit apart from every other digital currency on the market.


Its useability is what will gain interest from Banks as they can transact in Rimbit without the worry of crazy fluctuations. It is why Rimbit was put together and why it has trade appeal for merchants worldwide.


You can buy Rimbit now while it still remains under the 300 day value of $3.00 USD, so there is an opportunity for people to make well more than 1000% profit by getting in early. The chance is right here in front of you, so you will need to decide to let thsi opportunity slide past or take it, while it is still available.

Time left to buy Rimbit

Get your Rimbit Wallet, Buy some Rimbit and get started in the Crypto Currency market while it still new and make profit after profit year after year as your Rimbit increases in value!

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