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Why Rimbit?


Many Rimbit Users are from the Bitcoin community that are fed up with the way that Bitcoin manages the creation of new Bitcoin, via mining. As the cost of hardware increases and their usefulness at mining Bitcoin blocks, decreases, it has become an elite profession, where only those that can afford to risk big money in pursuit of a Bitcoin, has left the average user at the mercy of these elite miners.


Thats why Rimbit is different.

Rimbit runs on the same basic platform as Bitcoin and also performs exactly as Bitcoin, except for two main differences.

  1. Rimbit does not need to be mined
  2. Rimbit is quicker at confirming transactions


What Rimbit does for its users is allow every single person the chance to get Newly Minted Rimbit, by simply helping the network confirm transactions and in doing so, the user will get interest on their Rimbit. The magic about this system is that it is fair for everyone, unlike Bitcoin which favors those with big money and can afford to throw it away.


Rimbit offers every user some interest by them simply leaving their wallet open. Interest is sent randomly to users who run laptops, work stations or high end gaming machines who all have the same chance to get interest, regardless of their systems processing power.


So now merchants can sell goods and or services and instead of them losing massive amounts of profit due to Bitcoins wild fluctuations, they can use Rimbit as a trade medium and earn interest from the Rimbit they hold.


So before Rimbit hits the $3.00, now might be the best time to grab some Rimbit, so when the Boom hits, you have your Rimbit making money for you!

Time left to buy Crisp Fresh Rimbit
Your second chance at the next big thing!

The Rimbit purchase price increases by
$0.01 USD every day for 300 Days

Get your Rimbit Wallet, Buy some Rimbit and get started in the Crypto Currency market while it still new and make profit after profit year after year as your Rimbit increases in value!

And now you can get a Rimbit Wallet for your Android Mobile Phone or Tablet


Rimbit Exchange Rate
    RBT = $ USD
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