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Bitcoin Drop

Bitcoin Drops and Rimbit gets Ready

Over the past few weeks, Rimbit gets more new users and some of the questions being asked by new members is... "When will Rimbit take over from Bitcoin for merchants"?

As we see, there is no logical or financial reason why Merchants are adopting Bitcoin, including Airlines which are fighting for every dollar to remain profitable. Using Bitcoin to buy flights does not fair well for Airlines as Bitcoin this week went from $600 down to $500 in a very short time.

We at Rimbit always ask the question. Why are they taking Bitcoin as it is financial suicide. Why back the horse that has good days and bad days.

Why does the media report that companies are taking Bitcoin as trade when even those with little financial experience can see that the losses are enough to warrant the dismissal of Bitcoin as a payment system? We know that its Bias and that is adding more harm to Bitcoin as News outlets report a company "looking at Bitcoin" as a company accepting Bitcoin. It only takes the financial side of a company to look at the charts to know that Walmart was right when it rejected Bitcoin, as it fluctuates so wildly that a system would be forever changing the retail price and adding up to 30% on top, just to cover the losses when Bitcoin drops. This then defeats the need for Bitcoin with its "none to little fee" as the actual price would be way more expensive that using a Credit Card with their fees added.

Rimbit is on its way to being 2 months old and is showing the Crypto Currency community that it was right when it eliminated mining as part of its internal structure. With Rimbit there is nothing special needed to get Rimbit. Its all out in the open and you simply need to buy it to own it. You wont get stung with a huge electricity bill, because Rimbit doesnt need to suck your utilities dry. Instead it uses some maths to work out how long you have held your Rimbit and gives you free Rimbit based on how long you have held Rimbit and the amount you are holding. Its that simple.

So why are you waiting for? Head over to and get some Rimbit before they are all gone, which happens in less that 250 days time!

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Get your Rimbit Wallet, Buy some Rimbit and get started in the Crypto Currency market while it still new and make profit after profit year after year as your Rimbit increases in value!

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