Taking Advantage of our Unique Blockchain

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As some of you may know by now, Rimbit continues its development from crowdfunding and contributions to our system, via Crowdfunding websites and internally.

Our campaign is to invite people from all over the world to participate in building an ecosystem by pledging donation to Rimbit to continue further development of Rimbit, the wallet and the infrastructure, so we can leverage more useful interaction with our Blockchain which is devoid of mining, keeping Rimbit 100% in the hands of the community.

As contributions help us to develop the ecosystem, we can resarch and develop tools to run alongside our unique Blockchain that apart from handling wallets, can be used for many exciting projects such as a vehicle for secure legal document transmission, secure communications and a multitude of other closed systems that ensure party to party interaction on a level unmatched by current online transmission

If you would like to contribute to Rimbit and in return get some Rimbit sent to your wallet, you can do so at these locations:

Rimbit Forum
This website - Rimbit.com

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