5 Reasons why you should consider Rimbit

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When mankind first imagined flying out into space, there where many failed attempts and some of the tests even made it out into space, but very precariously.

Dogs and Chimps tested the theories of the developers and were launched into space…  and some came to unfortunate endings, but they paved the way to Space Flight, the Space Shuttle and Space X!

The same can be said about Crypto Currency, with the testing and failures being tested by gamers and techies.

Eventually a Crypto Currency emerged that viewed the failures of those before it and came up with a solution that is now looking very promising and will soon be mentioned in the corridors of Wall Street offices and that Crypto Currency is Rimbit!

So the top 5 reasons why you should be considering Rimbit

  1. Rimbit is Not mined and as controversial as it is, is also its greatest strength
  2. Because Rimbit is not mined, it means it is not tied to any lack of advancement in the technical hardware that is the backbone of Bitcoin and most every other coin
  3. Because Rimbit is not mined, the network is maintained by everyone that uses a Rimbit wallet
  4. Because Rimbit is not mined, it is not controlled by the miners or the hardware manufacturers that build the specialized mining hardware
  5. Because at Rimbit’s soul, is the community and even though its steered by a small group now, it will be handed 100% to the community to manage when the time is right

There are of course many other advantages associated with teh Rimbit Blockchain and some include the funding of the project which is built to support development work, the community management expenses and of course, helping the “other” crypto currencies who start feeling the pressure of a “mining based” crypto currency, an easy path to put their communities in touch with the Rimbit community for an easy transition away from their convoluted processing coin and onto Rimbit.

We may have stated it in the past that we want to be the alternative currency, but it only makes sense that we work alongside Fiat Currency and also with current Crypto Currency as we are not about being the alternative, but being the best at what we do and if that means we can help other currencies, then to us, that makes more sense.

So if you have never taken the plunge into Crypto Currency, then this might be the right time to try and when you need support, our forum is there to help you, without you ever feeling as if you should know it all.

If you are a current Crypto Miner, and feel you just sit at your computer for hours on end, worried that your software could fail and you miss out on some “blocks” or just simply tired of paying the “cloud” for the privilege of using their hardware, then feel free to try Rimbit out and experience the difference.

We are not listed with many merchants now and we are also not listed with any exchanges that maybe considered “top pier”, because we are still to young a coin and we need to get out there and strut our stuff, before merchants, banks and investors start looking at Rimbit as a very viable tool, that they can use or invest in companies to create products that use the Rimbit ecosystem.

We also don’t like to think of Rimbit as a Crypto Currency at all, as we are not mined, so perhaps consider Rimbit as a Digital Currency as it removes all the tech out of the name, just as we removed all the mining hardware out of the system!

Thanks for your time!

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