Giving Crypto Currency to the Community

Why Is Rimbit Better?

There is a valid Argument for Rimbit and its not what you think!

Did you know Rimbit is here to stay?


The entire network could be using slightly more than the country of Cyprus.
Just like bitcoin, ethereum mining doesn't come for free. As the price of the cryptocurrency goes up, it becomes more profitable to throw more computing power at mining, which generates new ether. Graphics cards are relatively energy-hungry components, and with scores of them now in the mining game, the currency's electricity bills are starting to add up.

Rimbit only uses the power that your PC or Laptop use, as it's only function is sending and receiving crypto currency and while it does that, it also works "Bank Like" by giving you 5% per annum in Interest!


All Crypto Currency (except Rimbit):
Powerful and expensive hardware is needed to verify and confirm transactions, which is why electricity is being consumed at ridiculous levels, all for the sake of a currency that needs such massive requirements to run.

Without this hardware, there is no mining and no coin!

We built Rimbit to just use your PC or Laptop, regardless of how powerful it is or is not.

Rimbit will still verify and confirm transactions without the need for specialized hardware or crazy expensive electricity.

Currency Manipulation

The cause for the fee rate change was well documented and expected by many. Ten days earlier bitcoin’s price plunged on news of China’s Central Bank, the PBoC sending inspectors to all three exchanges in both Shanghai and Beijing offices, in order to investigate for themselves if the exchanges were manipulating trading volumes.

Starting soon after the inspection on January 11th, which tanked bitcoin’s price 16 percent before rebounding, the Chinese exchange volumes have sunk from highs around 94 percent of the global bitcoin trading volume, down to the present 70 percent at press time.  If traders at those exchanges look to other currencies to trade in order to avoid fees, the price could sink much lower on Tuesday.

The drop in bitcoin trade volumes from China on the 11th was just the start of the fallout from the PBoC’s visit, but some exchanges showed their response sooner than others. The only exchange to show an extreme drop-off in trading volume after the PBoC’s inspection was the number four exchange by Chinese volume, BTCTrade, for whom there is no evidence suggesting that regulators have visited.

There are no Miners or Mining Pools associated with Rimbit, so Rimbit is currently sold 5 trading positions higher then what the people decide on Exchanges, meaning that manipulation is purely up to the People!

When Mining Stops?

All Crypto Currency (except Rimbit):
In case you are unaware, Miners are used to verify and confirm transactions on the Internet and in Return, Miners also get rewarded by getting Free Coins in return for Miners using massive amounts of electricity and very expensive hardware configurations, with some costing many $$$ Millions of dollars

Miners also get rewards in terms of transaction fees.
It doesnt take a genius to work out how large those fees will come, when Miners rely just on fees to keep the blockchain alive, so you can send coins to another wallet.

Without Miners, Crypto Currency can not sustain its own Blockchain!

With no Miners, No Mining Pools, there is NO worry that the Rimbit Blockchain will ever stop.

In fact, we shut down everything, including NODES and Rimbit just keeps going. It is a Virtual Perpetual Engine and only people with blinders and nefarious motives will deny that Rimbit is a Powerful Coin that has an indefinite lifespan that no other coin can match!


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