Giving Crypto Currency to the Community

How we see the Rimbit future

Rimbit gets all its success from the community

How the community responds is unknown

But together, we can control the $$$Price without miners

A Projected Roadmap - How we see it

Its important that Rimbit continue to juggle Giveaways with users to establish a balance of obtaining new users, while still making sure that current users are not adversely affected.

The short reasoning is simple - Rimbit gains value from exchange transactions, whether on Crypto Exchanges or simple product/services trading.
Rimbit cannot gain value with these trades and current user numbers are not sufficient at this early stage to make that happen.

Its a community movement and as individuals, we decide the value $$$ of Rimbit

  • Standing as Rimbit is now

    Currently we have X amount of Rimbit Users and by analyzing trade and Social Network Response, we believe we have not attained the "tipping point"

  • First port of call is to actively promote Rimbit.
    This needs to be done by the community to spread the time and expense in effort

  • Second Stage

    Establish points of free distribution, to help increase the number of users on the Rimbit platform

  • Monitor Giveaways

    The amount that is given away, needs to be managed so users who currently hold Rimbit are not too disadvantaged, while still enabling New users to obtain Rimbit, prior to purchasing them on Exchanges

  • Creating Pathways

    Establish websites to assist developers to have a platform for creating new software solutions to work in conjunction with Rimbit.
    As there is now no central funding point, this will need to be financed purely by the community

  • Tipping Point

    Continue all of the above until Rimbit reaches the "Tipping Point" where trade on Exchanges is carried out around the clock and daily trade volume exceeds $10,000 USD per day

  • Evaluate Giveaways

    Continue Giveaways but in much smaller amounts so traffic to websites that have initially helped Rimbit reach Tipping Point, are continued to be issued RBT for distribution.
    This will continue until the Main Rimbit balance is finally at ZERO