2 Dollar Contribution - 148 RBT


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Product Description

Contributions to Rimbit are used for Research and Development of Rimbit wallets, whether they be updates to current wallets and websites or developing new products such as wallets for NAS servers, online wallets and accounting packages, all as free products for users of Rimbit to use as they please.

Your contribution, no matter how big or small, tells us that we have always been on the right path, building what we do and we appreciate your confidence.

We have been developing publicly since mid 2014 and we have a forum that we manage around the clock where users can get together and discuss the future for Rimbit as it is a community project and we are merely overseeing it in the early stages.

With each contribution, we do suggest that you download a Rimbit wallet in our downloads section, because once we have recieved your contribution, we will email you back (so make sure you check your spam/junk mail folder) and ask you for your Rimbit Wallet Address, so we can send you Rimbit based on your contribution level, which is xxx RBT

If you need support, please visit our forum at http://rimbitforum.com and view our tutorials or read the posts that may have the answers you need. If not, simply register on the forum and ask your question and we or a forum member will answer you as soon as possible.

Again… Thank You for your generous contribution!

Main Website: http://rimbit.com
Forum: http://rimbitforum.com/
Github: https://github.com/Rimbit
Indiegogo Campaign: Indiegogo Website