What is a Rimbit Merchant?

A Rimbit Merchant is a service we provide for providers of consumer products and/or services. A Rimbit Merchant displays their transaction score which you can use to decide if you wish to purchase from the merchant or not. Good merchants have nothing to fear and bad merchants will not find customers to trade with.

How do I become a Rimbit Merchant?

Simply signup and check the "I am a merchant", which gives you the same features as a standard account, plus tools you can use to receive payments on your website, videos, printed material and bricks and mortar shop. Transferring funds with Bitcoins is the easiest and quickest way to receive funds, without ever hearing the term "chargeback", simply because it is impossible. However, to maintain your transaction score at a high level, it is up to you to make right any disputes.

Currently, the system is in Beta testing and we are not taking any new merchants into our system. When we open our doors to the public, you can apply for a Rimbit Merchant account and remember... Its Free!