What do you get with a Rimbit Wallet?

  1. Secure System that protects your Bitcoins in your Rimbit Wallet
  2. Ease of use of your Bitcoin Wallet
  3. Mobile Device Apps that can simplify your purchases and/or account funding
  4. Rimbit Accounts and Apps are always free, with micro-fees only with a transaction
  5. The ability to view the other persons "trust" score to help you decide if you wish to make a transaction

What is a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new currency, based on a digital signature. Unlike normal money, Bitcoin's are easily trasferred around the world, easily used for normal shopping and most of all, cheaper to transact with than normal money.

How do I get Bitcoins?

As this system is in in Beta, we cannot currently divulge our system until we go public. The way we do it, is not only fantastic, but will also save you when funding and or exchanging your Bitcoins for fiat currency. It is a global system and not subject to one countries lack of acceptance.