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How to Find Wallet Address and Back up Wallet

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  • How to Find Wallet Address and Back up Wallet

    I downloaded Wallet version V 1.1.1 Is that my wallet address when I click on Receive Coins tab and it shows address? When I buy Rimbits I belive I will get an email asking for my address so Rimbits can be deposited it my wallet..
    Am I right?

    Also where and how do I backup my wallet to a Thumb drive?

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    Yes, and from the "Receive coins" tab you can create as many addresses as you like. Each one of these addresses belong to your wallet, and all can be used to receive RBT to your wallet.


    1. Open wallet
    2. Click on "File" in the upper left corner of the wallet
    3. Click on "Backup Wallet" from the dropdown menu
    4. Name the file whatever you like, and choose where to save the file on your PC

    The file has been saved in the folder you selected. Now you safeguard that file like you would safeguard a wallet full of cash; if it's gone … it's gone.

    PS. If you want to replace this backup with the wallet.dat currently running in your APPDATA folder, make sure you rename it to "wallet.dat" before replacing it.
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      How offened should a wallet be back up? When 1st downloaded and everytime Rimbits are added or subtracted?


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        So how do I do it? Whenever there is a change in wallet I should do wallet.dat1 2 and so on and delete the previous or let the backup replace the old?
        I'm trying to do this right this time as I just lost Rimbits and don't want to do it again. Is there anywhere I can go with more detailed instructions.

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      I would say backup your wallet when ever the balance changes especially if it changes by a large amount.
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        The wallet has what is known as a key pool. This is a reserve of addresses that are already in your wallet but not yet used. By default your key pool contains 100 keys. So your backup should be good for 100 transactions before a new backup is required.


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          Here is the link to the official how to thread,
          The last thing anyone wants, is to lose the Rimbit they worked to get. You can prevent loss by backing up your wallet and storing the backup in a secure location,




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