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You have your Wallet, Now you just need to get some Rimbit in there.

There are a few ways to get Rimbit and we will list them here and grow this list as more options come available!
Some Websites, may sell them slightly higher or lower than our internally fixed price, so take advantage of those locations

Directly from our Indiegogo Campaign

Indiegogo Campaign

This is where Rimbit first started and where we still offer Rimbit for sale at the current market price.

We have stayed with Indiegogo as we can remain Transparent at all times

Get some Rimbit at Indiegogo


Direct from our Partners

Rimbit UK --- Coming Very Soon

Rimbit Wholesale --- Coming Very Soon


Directly from Exchanges

C-CEX Exchange

Rimbit maybe getting delisted, so now is a great time to get in quick, buy some Rimbit and get out, before its closed

Get some Rimbit a C-Cex

useCryptos Exchange

Usecryptos was the first Exchange that Rimbit enetered and its changed a few times over the months.

Get Some Rimbit at useCryptos

Yobit Exchange

One of the better established exchanges that Rimbit is in

Get some Rimbit at Yobit





Our primary site for selling Rimbit is our Indiegogo Campaign as it enables us to remain Transparent with our direct sales

Click Here to buy from Indiegogo



Purchasing from Exchanges can get you cheaper Rimbit than we currently offer it for, so signup at these exchanges and trade your way into a Rimbit Stockpile!

C-Cex Exchange

Click here to buy from C-Cex

Yobit Exchange

Click here to buy from Yobit

Usecryptos Exchange

Click here to buy from Usecryptos

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Windows here
Mac here
Linux 32 here
Linux 64 here
Android here

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