Batch 4 Released - December 29 2015

New batch has been released today and we will follow that up with a New Wallet Address that will show Wholesale orders, some time after the New Year....
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My non-techie thoughts on Rimbit

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  • My non-techie thoughts on Rimbit

    I am not a social media person and I am not technically minded either but it is important that people like us try to get others interested too. So this is something I posted on LinkedIn - if you are a fellow non-techie then feel free to copy it and post it to your social media too (or make changes as you see fit). I originally posted it in the old forum and since it was probably my best post there I thought it worthy of copying over here

    A different crypto currency

    As Bitcoin has shot up and down in value it looked to me that it is far too volatile to be trusted by ordinary people. We like stability, we do not mind some change but when 1 bitcoin can go from $1000+ to under $300 in less than a year before climbing up again, it is clearly not for widows and orphans.

    I came across a crowd funded crypto on Indiegogo which is very different in its basic ethos from every other crypto such as Bitcoin. The difference is in all in a "t"! Other coins are mined, Rimbit is minted.

    What this means is that Bitcoin is now basically owned by 21 companies as it is too expensive for ordinary people to buy the computer hardware (as well as run it) that is needed to mine bitcoins. The top three companies manage 51% of Bitcoin - a situation that can only be bad for ordinary people as these companies maximise their profits at our expense.

    Rimbit is different. There is no mining, and the community run the blockchain. You do not need the latest and fastest computers to run the Rimbit network - indeed it can be done on a Raspberry Pi or some old pc. Indeed, if you keep your machine online to help run the network then you are also minting - getting 5% interest on whatever is in your wallet.

    Rimbit is simple to use, simple to understand and community based. This is why I am investing in it and why I think it is the future of crypto currencies.

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    This would be a good outline to send to the news sites as well
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