Batch 4 Released - December 29 2015

New batch has been released today and we will follow that up with a New Wallet Address that will show Wholesale orders, some time after the New Year....
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  • Backup!

    Hi Mark

    To avoid creating yet another new forum remember to backup the database. I guess this blog is hosted on a Linux server with access to a CPanel or similar so it should be easy to set up daily backups and maybe have some software download the backups via FTP to a local machine/drive.

    Just a suggestion to make sure you can restore the blog at anytime to a not so distant point in the past.

    Have a great day in Thailand....I wish I was there. Here in Denmark the weather is gray, cold and in rains a bit......and there is a potential storm coming! Argh..


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    Hi mate

    All websites are automatically backed up daily....
    Rimbit actually has WHM installed on its own dedicated server and thats why we can issue out free hosting to people, along with CPanel

    The issue never was a lack of a database as the old forum is still running, but the lack of an import tool for the version of IPB we where running

    The IPB we have is all licensed and valid till late 2016, but the issue is and has always been the very poor structure of the database and the faulty code which was being updated ad nauseum

    So we could have continued with the old forum or gone straight to vBulletin, which is better suited to SEO, more stable and has a large userbase.

    Without sounding too sarcastic... I am sure the dozen regular users of the old forum will move over comfortably and the rest... well they never really participated, for whatever reason it may have been, so maybe now things might change with a forum that will stay working better for them and will be online more often than the previous one....

    I am hoping that this forum can eventually initiate more participation with Rimbit users who never participated, so we can then begin to form a more solid community.... To be honest, I really want to hear from those other users and find out what I can do for them personally
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      The old forum was constantly being changed at its core, so all those dollars we spent on extensions, where mainly made void on the next update and things would start getting messy (as was seen with Chatbox, Videos, Collabs etc) and then the developers of those extension would start burning the midnight oil to update their extensions to work with the forum updated code..... But when the updates started coming in daily and the extensions began failing more drastically, it seemed that IPB just wasnt doing their due diligence to the software or its software subscribers.... And paying x amount every 6 months for continued updates on the forum and even extensions, .. its was throwing money and effort away... ! ... so we cut the strings... and here we are... still chatting away....
      Please keep posts On Topic so others can find valuable information. We appreciate comments as long as they follow the line of conversation - Thank You
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        If nothing else, it's refreshing with a clean slate … and getting rid of all those spam users that weren't true members anyway.
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          With this new forum the uninterested members will not transfer, the active and invested members should come over so there will be a greater percentage of members participating in the discussions and promotion of Rimbit
          Everyone Rimbit now.
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            It does appear that there are a lot of 'bot' members, if you search through the member database. Not sure if these are done on purpose to appear busier or if spam though?
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            • CyberHippie commented
              Editing a comment
              You will find the spam software kick in and these spammers end up being banned from posting. The old forum was supposed to remove them, but rarely did so.
              Bot members serve no purpose at all, except to waste space on the database

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            Another forum I was involved with had a lot of bot members, no obvious reason for them as they could read as non members, the only benefit of being members was that they could post, but never did!




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