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IDEA: Document transmission using Rimbit

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  • IDEA: Document transmission using Rimbit

    Rimbit is already a currency and works as it is supposed to.

    Document transmission has been something that I have been wrestling with for quite a while, to figure out exactly how it could be done

    One idea that I am passing on to the forum is more along a KEY system as proof of identity to access a specific website without the need to login and also be encrypted in such a way that unless you have a specific wallet address, you cannot access the content and if at worst, its maliciously accessed, its encrypted in such a way that only a wallet address that has been verified and confirmed on the blockchain can open it.
    1. Both parties pre agree on wallet addresses to be used
    2. Sender uploads a document to a website that is encrypted using the receivers wallet address
    3. Sender makes a small payment to confirm the Senders address is valid
    4. Receiver makes a small payment on the website to login
    5. Once logged in the Receiver is asked to enter in an email address that they own
    6. Receiver chooses which document he/she wishes to access and again enters in their wallet address again and makes a small contribution that decrypts the content, sends the document to the email address and also sends part of that contribution back to the Sender, confirming the document has been successfully accessed
    7. The Receiver then opens the document as per a normal email attachment
    This is only an idea and also very vague, because its only an idea that I would like people to build on... suggest further ideas.... destroy the concept or whatever it takes to get a definitive idea on this idea

    So respond below with your thoughts!
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    So this provides anonymous access for both sender and receiver, which may be good in certain circumstances. I have two questions - who benefits from the money paid and secondly - is there not one step too many in the process - I think it looks that way and that would be a turn-off. I as a receiver would need to make 2 payments. It may be doubly secure but it is extra faffing.


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      one is to login and the other is for the file...
      The website owner would benefit from the login (providing the service) and the second would benefit the sender.... who can then confirm receipt of the downloaded document by the Rimbit transaction....

      Please keep posts On Topic so others can find valuable information. We appreciate comments as long as they follow the line of conversation - Thank You
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        It sounds promising. The Blockchain is so flexible, I am sure applications will be developed in so many ways.
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