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Buying Rimbit

As part of our continued development, we are required to distribute Rimbit as quickly and efficiently as possible as our main objective always will remain as "Distribution is priority" and to do so with the users best interest in mind.

To maintain transparency, a third party is used so users have at any given time, the facilities to "view" the funding progress.
These funds are used to build the Rimbit network and maintain it and these include OS wallets, Mobile Device wallets, websites, staff, utilities and so forth.
Included in the transparency system we use, will be our Explorer (blockchain) link to also display Rimbit that is held in Cold Storage, meaning that the particular Rimbit Wallet is mainly offline and tamper proof. This Cold Storage wallet is used to send Rimbit to Sending Wallets, which are the primary wallets for sending perks. These sending wallets are both Desktop wallets and Mobile Device wallets.

Currently we have lowered the buy in price for Rimbit for 2 main reasons.

  1. Get more Rimbit distributed out to the public
  2. Maintain a a return to continue development of products and tools

As time progresses, we will be paying close attention to the buy price and distribution levels and make price increases as needed, to value Rimbit higher, without sacrificing distribution levels which will otherwise create disadvantages to the development processes. When Rimbit reaches public awareness in media and the community at large, Rimbit's price structure will steadily increase exponentially to meet the current value that is still maintained by the system. Until such time, Rimbit will be below the publicized rate, purely to keep growth enabled as that is what is needed in the early days of Rimbits long future!

Currently we have options where Rimbit can be purchased and these will include Public portals and Private portals where users who have purchased "Wholesale" or "Distributors" packs can offer Rimbit for resale.

The price of Rimbit will increase over time and these prices will not be available in the upcoming months, so now is the perfect time to get Rimbit at low prices.

Public Purchasing Portals:

Next Evolution in Digital Currency

This site is our main Campaign page
Click Here to view our Campaign and Purchase Rimbit



Private Purchasing Portals:

Rimbit handelsportaal België


Rimbit Switzerland




If you would like to become a Private Portal, please review our Public Purchasing Portals where discounted Rimbit can be purchased. We do not provide any hosting, support or facilities for Private Portals as they are considered as "Your Business" and the responsibilities of hosting, support and maintenance is yours only. However, all graphics and use of the word Rimbit is free and open to use as you see fit, as long as it remains legal and not counter productive to the purpose of Rimbit. We also request that the written content from or associated sites not be used, but you can rewrite as needed. This is simply to retain the integrity of our marketing and eliminate "Copy Content" which is frowned upon by Search Engines

Want some Rimbit


Rimbit is a project that was started, to combat the Crypto Currencies need to have mining as part of its infrastructure.

Thats like saying the USD, can only trade while there are multiple Printing Press machines working and should they fail, then the USD will no longer be tradeable!

Okay, with that out of the way, how do you get Rimbit?

We did at one stage have it available on this website, but we decided that to get the most out of Rimbit, you should get it from our Forum along with our Indiegogo Campaign.

Also, our Forum does a much better payment processing function that is far superior to what we can do on this website.

So your 2 main options are:

There are also exchanges that Rimbit is a participant of and more will be forthcoming as Rimbit continues to be added to more and more exchanges as its popularity increases.
Information on the exchanges can be found on our forum at so please take the time to register at the forum and meet other users who have contributed to the Rimbit ecosystem.

Please remember that all payments of Rimbit, go to the further development and longevity of Rimbit, as each payment is considered as a Contribution to Rimbit, with the perk being that we send you Rimbit to your wallet as a thankyou.