Koh Chang police this week arrested Roger Thomas Clark, the IT Developer for the infamous Silk Road website

The US Embassy have sent a formal letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Royal Thai Government, with a request to have Mr Clark extradited to the US, to face charges of "conspiracy to distribute narcotics and money laundering in violation of Title 21 of the United States Code, Section 846 and Title 18 of the United States Code, Section 1956 (h) respectively

These charges follow the famous case of Ross Ulbricht who was arrested in October 2013 as the alleged mastermind of the Website "Silk Road" that was the Internet portal for the buying and selling of illicit products.

Rimbit.com has been forwarded 5 pages of the extradition papers, on bequest of the legal council for Mr Clark, for the primary announcement of this unraveling case, in an attempt to make the public aware of the situation and to seek assistance in funding and preparing for the case that will follow.

There is a growing concern that the US is pushing its weight and control as it takes actions that can sometimes be considered illegal in an attempt to "get their man" as can be highlighted by the very public and documented case concerning Kim Dot Com

So how will Thailand handle the situation and will it bow down to pressure from the US, as New Zealand had done in the circumstances of Kim Dot Com?

We have in our possession, all 5 pages of the extradition request from the US to the Royal Thai Government and we are releasing the first page as verification.

Steps are now being taken to make this issue very public and also to begin funding campaigns to assist Mr Clark in the massive legal costs that are to follow.

For more information, please contact [email protected] and state who you are and we will make available the other 4 pages of the extradition request.

We do have immediate and inside information and have been granted permission by Mr Clark's legal team to make the announcement.