Go to any Bitcoin convention and you will find something so "in your face" that it being so obvious, is missed by everyone.

If you havent figured it out yet, Bitcoin miners run the show... not the community, not the established .org team and definitely not Andreas Antonopoulos who is just the icecream truck driver for the miners!

And now the pressure is on as the community is asking the wolf (miners)... "Promise not to eat the chickens".... Seriously, are the Bitcoin community this stupid?
Notably, miners such as KnCMiner’s Sam Cole and FinalHash’s Long indicated that they would like to see solutions that combine elements of both proposals in a sign neither has achieved a critical mass of industry consensus. Still, there was hope this could change.

“We’re getting close to something everyone can agree on, that doesn’t put us in a voting power position, and something that doesn’t scale too quickly,” Long said.

Other mining groups were more direct in their support for specific proposals, with Bitmain’s Zhibiao and BTCC’s Wang echoing their companies' support for BIP 100.

The panelists also got to fire back on common assumptions made in the community about their behaviors, stressing that competition in mining would mean that, under certain proposals, the amount of voting power they had in the network would always be variable.

They also fought against the idea that all mining businesses are equal – noting the differences between centralized industrial mining operations like KnCMiner and BitFury and mining pools that unite many smaller users like BW.com and F2Pool – as well as the idea that these entities would collude along national lines to attack the network
The fact that ATTACKS are a very real issue due to this distribution model, after all, mining has the purpose of distributing Bitcoin (Somehow the miners are now corporations that can fudge the market, since they own the initial Bitcoin) and are responsible for verifying and confirming transactions... and worst of all... Bitcoin users actually believe this is all decentralized... and they have some say in the direction of Bitcoin...

Reality Time

Miners control the price of Bitcoin/
Miners control the distribution of Bitcoin
Miners control the way Bitcoin moves on the network
You control nothing and if miners say your Bitcoin is worth less, they will do so, wait till you sell, then raise the price and sell your Bitcoin back to you again. Or you can hop onto their cloudminers and pay a subscription to mine Bitcoin on their behalf and you can get a percentage of it... Sound reasonable... yes... (i hope you are smarter than that and answered No)

Source: http://www.coindesk.com/chinas-miner...oin-hong-kong/