Rimbit and the future

When you purchase a perk from Rimbit, you are donating to the continued development of Rimbit and its Ecosystem, which includes wallets and websites.

Rimbit is not competing against Bitcoin, but instead focusing on working alongside both Fiat and Crypto Currency, as we believe that our involvement will make both a better overall system for the people.

156 Rimbit Perk

156 Rimbit Perk

Base price for variant: $5.00
Sales price: $5.00
Sales price without tax: $5.00
Tax amount:
Price / kg:

With your contribution, we can continue to develop the Rimbit ecosystem with new wallets, websites and merchant tools.

When you purchase a Perk, we will send you a "Welcome Email", with instructions on the next steps you need to take to redeem your Perk.

All contributions go towards building the Rimbit system and its continued development for years to come

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