In 2012-2013, I made a statement to the Bitcoin Community via forums, reddit, twitter and other Social Media, warning everyone about the future of Bitcoin and where it was headed.

Ridicule, flaming, abusive emails all followed shortly after I posted the warnings about Mining to the Crypto Community.

So I looked at Bitcoin and knew that the basic structure was sound, but it had to shake of the mining aspect, so I again spoke up about the idea of a minerless coin on the Social Platform and...
As Rimbit grows, it will get noticed by more and more people and eventually the media will begin to compare Rimbit over Bitcoin and discover that Bitcoin is severely flawed as it needs companies to run, whereas Rimbit does not.

How Rimbit gets there is important and can be attributed to a small group of people that have decided that their valuable time can be spent on discussing Rimbit and letting the world know about Rimbit.

We cant reward these people just yet, but we can recognize them...
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