We send out Rimbit and we alter the market price, so to be fair we have come up with the system of sending Rimbit out in batches.
  1. Each batch is made up of 1 Million Rimbit
  2. As one batch is emptied, we name the next batch and add the next following number increase.. eg. Rimbit Batch 1, Rimbit Batch 2, Rimbit Batch 3 and so on
  3. When we start a new batch, we review the coinmarketcap price and remove the prices that we know are small or large, that are used to disrupt the price, then we guestimate the average for the batch and that will be next Rimbit Market Price. In general, it normally goes up rather than down, so by viewing the "current" batch amount, you can gauge how much has been sold and can decide to purchase more Rimbit or wait and see what the next Rimbit Market price will be.
  4. Sometimes a person will purchase more that the current batch has in stock... In those cases we empty the current batch and simply send more from one of the main wallets... This is NOT carried over to the next batch
  5. To remain transparent, you can view the current Rimbit batch amount on the blockchain by clicking on the appropriate link
  6. Wholesale purchases do not affect the Rimbit Batches!