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  1. Hugues
    Hugues Jim Combs
    Hi JC, welcome on the Rimbit Forum
  2. richard bolduc CyberHippie
  3. richard bolduc
  4. apharmtech CyberHippie
    Free Rimbit!? Cool....hopefully I can get the rest of my Rimbits to show back up in my wallet too!
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  5. cbreum
    Me after tennis.....
  6. HeadInTheClouds CyberHippie
    hey i have a spelling correction for the homepage. on the botton on the Executives of the round table it says, "We envisage 12 members" and i think you meant to say, we envision 12 members
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  7. Piranha
    Backing up my wallet
  8. stepehen
    I love to explore the new thing about our health & recently I'm collecting the information on men' health.
  9. Hsieh_Rimbit CyberHippie
    Hello there! I'm guess I was supposed to PM you for free Rimbit; I see a tally of 120 just from posting? Is that right?!
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  10. ernstMreicher PriorGuy
    Hi PG,
    got my Ribbit-Pi last week!!!! ;-)))
    As a relative computer-dummy it´s a litte like an alien-artifact for me. I will search the Ribbit forum for a recipe how to fill fuel into it, look for the kickstarter and so on....
    Thanks for your ambitious work!!!
  11. WFG_TripleH
  12. wolfss69 ZEL
    Hey there hope all is well in your world?! would like to come see you and visit and learn more about this?? are you going to hunt this year??? miss ya.... Henry
  13. Craig wozza
    HI, Yes Im interested. How do i do it?
  14. stfn
  15. Tom Scott
  16. Obiken Wonobi CyberHippie
    Hey Cyberhippie how where you able to add your steam and PSN accounts to your profile page?
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  17. Lightning Ding