Demonoid is back up

on .

Demonoid is back up and running. -Tested and its legit!

In a fortunate turn of events, it looks like our trusty Demonoid is back up and running at full steam. Being skeptical at first (the site now sports a new logo and orange theme), I decided to log into the account with my old password. Lo and behold, I accessed the site and all my old posts, messages and content, where as I had left it.

Thankfully Demonoid is still semi private and by private invite only, which i have a few.

The new website is at

It goes to show that the people will fight back against the tyranny which is the system that wants to stunt technology and suppress the people

There are some fantastic torrents that on Demonoid which do not break any laws as they are free to download. Now to watch some old Charlie Chaplin movies.