• Rimbit is the Next Generation in Digital Currency
  • Rimbit Simplicity creates adoption. Rimbit is for everyone!


Why Rimbit is Unique

Rimbit is unique and that sets it apart from anything else and is the only Digital Currency that will last the years

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Value from the Start

Rimbit is not mined and instead purchased. This sets a minimum value that increases over time

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The Network is You

Rimbit avoids expensive hardware to maintain the network. Instead it does it all from your Rimbit wallet

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Rimbit in 300 Days

Rimbit has been designed to perform one main duty and that is to Send and Recieve crypto currency with as less fuss as possible. This includes a unique part of the system that has done away with mining and instead lets every user transact between wallets and not between wallets, 3rd party hardware, 3rd party companies that Bitcoin currently employs.

By doing so, Rimbit eliminates all issues of "centralization" as every transaction is only between you and the other party, which creates better security and also maintains inegrity in the currency as it cannot be controlled by any single entity.


Keeping the Rimbit wallet simple and at the same time powerful, means that every Rimbit wallet is responsible for the confirmation of transactions which also has a side benefit built into the Rimbit wallet and that is that, just like a bank, you will gain Interest from your Crypto Currency based on coin age (length of time your Rimbit is in your possesion). enabling your Rimbit to increase in numbers just by having some in your wallet. Do you have Your Rimbit?



Rimbit gives you full control of your wallet, regardless of how other people are using theirs. Your wallet, your business, your currency



Simplicity adds value to merchants as business can flow between Merchants and Customers



Technology breeds Innovation and Rimbit is now working its way into schools



Rimbit is all about getting Crypto in the hands of the community. Its the only currency that is built for a lifetime!


Case Study

Read how our technology helps Sandra Morgan to run her new fashion label.

Rimbit and its goals for the future


Funding Process

Rimbit maintains all its developments via contributions made to its funding portals.

As more contributions come in, we distribute Rimbit via PERKS on our funding campaigns to ensure great software development!


Mobile Devices

Along with our desktop wallets, we have released version of our Android wallet.

With continued funding, one of our aims is to develop, test and offer a free wallet for Apple devices in the near future.


Security and Backups

Rimbit maintains its integrity by avoiding the need to involve mining.

We took the mining out so you are not under the rule of big business. Our next step is to offer superior backup systems.



Crypto Currency is a new technology, so Rimbit has taken it to the schools.

Rimbit strongly believes that everyone should have Digital Currency without the need to have expensive hardware or be tech orientated.