Let's explain the features

Rimbit is unique in many respects as it is the only Digital Currency designed to avoid many of the technical requirements needed to get started.
Its one of the very few Digital Currencies that you just use, as we removed the mining element from the system to keep it simple!
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Miner Free Currency

Without Mining being a factor, Rimbit can get a true valuation simply by the act of trading

Interest per Annum

Rimbit is one of the few Digital Currencies that offer Interest, based on the amount of Rimbit you have in your wallet

Paid Development

By directly selling Rimbit to the public, we can continue development of the Rimbit Ecosystem

Early Days

Rimbit is still in its early days and as we grow and expand into New Countries with New Niches, our future looks good!

Its All in the Maths

Rimbit the Digital Currency is built around Mathematics and Encryption
Rimbit travels from one wallet to another wallet, via a Blockchain that knows which wallet to debit funds from and which wallet to credit funds

Interest Bearing Wallets

Apart from Mobile Device Wallets, all Wallets enable you gain 5% interest on the funds contained in your wallet. Its done automatically and using algorithms inside the code and is fixed for the life of the Digital Currency

Carry your Rimbit with You

Many people carry their Phones with them and now you can carry your Rimbit in your Phone, using an APP, which enables you to send or receive Rimbit while your on the GO! Its like having an ATM in your pocket
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