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On April the 19th, 2015 the only way to get Rimbit will be from people that currently have Rimbit in their possession. This is not a bad thing as there are already well over 80 million Rimbit floating around in user owned wallets.

On that day, it will also herald a new age in Crypto Currency as it will be the firt fully functional digital currency that is not only devoid of miner restrictions but on that day it will be fully distributed into the community and unlike Gold, you just cant mine anymore.

However, just like a Bank, you can generate new Rimbit in form of Interest with is paid into your wallet by its self generating "minting" process that is set at 10% for the first year, followed by 5% per year there after.

So how precious will Rimbit be?

While other coins are mined and distributed, Rimbit will have already completed that task in less than 200 days and as there just is no more, then scarcity will begin grabbing a hold of Rimbit as the most precious of all Crypto Currency.

Thats why we have reset the way we move Rimbit and set pricing structures that reflect our basic requirement to get the coin out to the public, while still leaving enough for further development over time.

You can purchase 1 Rimbit for as little as 80 cents or you can purchase even greater amounts at under 80 cents, so what are you waiting for?

You can grab your wallet here and then purchase your Rimbit here

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Over 80 million Rimbit's currently in private circulation in every part of the world.


Earn 10% Interest!
No other Crypto Currency offers the ability to earn interest on your savings, direct from your Rimbit Wallet!10percent Enjoy being your own true bank!
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