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Innovation can sometimes mean that the best ideas need to break the current Status Quo and be strong enough to take the lead role, no matter how controversial it is!

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Rimbit is 1 year old

Rimbit hasnt been around for very long, but in that short time it has been adopted as the Digital Currency of choice, not only by enthusiasts of cryptography, but the general public who are not “geek” minded and just want to enjoy the freedom Digital Currency offers without all the hulabaloo that current online currency require for everyday ownership!

Wallets are ready

  • We already have users running wallets on the PC, Mac, Linux and Android devices and we are looking forward to when we can supply wallets for iPhone users.
  •    Windows
       iPhone (coming soon)

How we started

In mid 2014 we started a Crowdfunding project after being disappointed in Bitcoin as we began to consider its long term ability to function for the community.
So we looked at what a Digital Currency needs to to do, to work alongside the USD, CAD, AUD, EURO and other Fiat Currencies.
We knew that mining needed to be removed from the core of the code as it is a fruitless endeavor, aimed at stifling a Digital Currency with its obsessive and expensive need to use specialized hardware to maintain the blockchain

Get a Wallet

Rimbit Wallets are free and we use contributions from users to update and improve wallets as it is our policy to put funds directly back into the continued development of the Rimbit Ecosystem!

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so while most venture capitalists chase rainbows

The community can take advantage of a Digital Currency that has not made it to media attention *yet* and allow people that are just like you and me the opportunity of getting in at the ground floor before it takes off!

Rimbit is a community project and we would like it to remain that way, so we need to continue developing a fantastic ecosystem and we can only do it with your contribution to the future of Digital Currency

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