Mon, Apr 21, 2014
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  • Skydivers use it
  • skateboard
  • Surfers
  • Mountainbikers
  • s3cosplay
  • s8atwork
  • s4shopping
  • s7motocross
  • Who can use the Rimbit Wallet? Skydivers
  • Who can use the Rimbit Wallet? Skateboarders
  • Who can use the Rimbit Wallet? Surfers
  • Who can use the Rimbit Wallet? Mountain Bikers
  • Who can use the Rimbit Wallet? Cosplayers
  • Who can use the Rimbit Wallet? Office Workers
  • Who can use the Rimbit Wallet? Shoppers
  • Who can use the Rimbit Wallet? People that like jumping

Being Unique

uniqueBeing Unique is going against the grain in Crypto Currency and that can be a risky, if not an unpopular thing.

But we found that the only way for a Crypto Currency to succeed is to remove the status quo of mining, that mining is a fair solution to the distribution of the Crypto. Now this doesn't make sense to us as our circle of friends would have no idea where to start with mining and would shudder at the thought of purchasing such expensive equipment, just so they can use the "Wow" currency at their local shop. How this is a fair distribution, still baffles us. Maybe with Bitcoin it should really say, "Its a fair distribution method, among the technically able"

The solution is very simple in creating a Crypto Coin for the masses and that is.... to create a coin for the masses. By removing the mining nonsense and the manipulation by the Big Miners, we can truly create a Crypto Currency that can be used by everyone, including those that simply want Crypto without the problems of getting it and with that said, here is our road-map:

  • No Mining
  • To get it from the source, you simply buy it
  • Full distribution of the Crypto Currency in 300 days from the Official Launch
  • Managed valuation for those first 300 days

For a Crypto Currency to be truly accepted by merchants, it is important to control the Crypto Currency until it is at 100% distribution to the people, so that nobody can manipulate the market, as is done by Countries and Miners.

So for our launch, we will be selling 1,000,000 Rimbits at $0.01 and increase it daily by only $0.01, so that on the second day, we sell another 1,000,000 Rimbit at $0.02 and so on, that in 300 days the coin will have an exact value of $3.00 and all the coins will be in full distribution around the world and in the hands of farmers, butchers, accountants, lawyers, moms and dads etc. Rimbit will also have the capital for further research and development and not rely on charity, donations or free labor to get new projects to market!

Easy to Use


Security, simplicity and portability. Thats our recipe for the ultimate community based Crypto Currency

A Real Community Coin


Share finances with friends, family and merchants. No need to give banks and credit card companies more profit!

Everday Usability


Instantly know how much capital gains tax that coffee you had 3 weeks ago will impact on your tax return.