What Is the Burn?

The Burn Countdown has started and only concerns the MAIN WALLET held by management that is being allocated for destruction on:

Why and How is this being done?

The burn consists of only the main wallet that is being held by management and it will be burned publicly, so that it no longer holds any Rimbit.

The ONLY Rimbit after the burn is that which is held by the Public!

Holders of Rimbit will continue to receive Rimbit, as it is part of the coding within the wallet, so the amount of Rimbit available in total, will continue to increase year after year, which goes directly back into the wallet that it was generated from, for the purpose of spending or to generate more Rimbit.

Why Now?

We posted many months ago that this would be happening at the end of the developers time, which is now confirmed.

Some members, tried to move that date forward, but, Rimbit was not ready at the time, nor did it know exactly how it was to be done, which of course, we now have it all worked out!

How will it happen?

At the end of the Countdown, there will be a 7 day wait.
During these 7 days, the main wallet with the ENTIRE contents of the Rimbit it holds, will have its WALLET.DAT file uploaded for the community to install…

After the 7 Days, Rimbit will be sent from the Main Wallet, by the developer, too a burning wallet, by an authorized company that will destroy the Rimbit.

During this process, everyone that is holding the main wallet that they have downloaded and installed, will be able to witness the SEND and also witness the LOCATION of that send, so there will be no question as to where its going, the amounts and also be able to confirm when that wallet is empty.

We will be testing this method, on the lead up to the BURN, to make sure it is secure enough, so that the only SEND from that wallet is by the developer, so that no unscrupulous person can intercept a SEND or make a SEND, without know some specifics.

So thats it!

A few things are coming to an end, some of which is sad for a few who know the developer and some things are great for those who had wished for this event to happen, albeit sooner, than later.

As always, the forum is open for people to discuss things and I suggest to anyone that is interested, to go and grab some Rimbit from exchanges or even ask forum members for some (you never know, they just may give out some)

As always, you can still BUY Rimbit using Bitcoin from this websites shopping cart and also purchase Rimbit via the links we have provided when you visit the Rimbit Shop

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