Giving Crypto Currency to the Community

Rimbit March 2018 Update – Keeping everyone informed

As some people may already know, I have parted ways 90% with Rimbit as I achieved the primary goal of having a coin to be fully distributed out to the community.

Along the way, coins where lost, as is the case with other coins such as Bitcoin.

The inherent problem with the way Rimbit did its development and delivery is that it took a community based approach to funding its development and distribution, based on a fair way and not via an ICO that could have generated many millions of dollars in development funds and due to this, we could not personally finance further development on behalf of the community as it became a 1 man effort and a cost to this solitary person.

Add to that the trolls who took it upon themselves to make the community and the developer responsible for everything that is wrong in their lives, they decided that their “windmill chasing” efforts are more important than the community. Such is the life of sad people!

I have personally moved on (in fact did so a long time ago) and enjoy working offline, doing things that require no Internet, no Forum and no public scrutiny, which is why I never respond to the trolls and their personal and misguided issues. Out of mind, out of sight!

So as I conclude my position with Rimbit, I have decided to come back online and even though I am not personally financial enough to make updates to get everything back on track, I am taking steps to find people who will take on these roles and take over the management of Rimbit in full!

I will Blog out more information as I can, which is hopefully a few times a week, to get everyone back up to date and to also help get things ready for the inevitable push that Rimbit will be making in the near future.

It is a proven concept that has worked as intended and just needs to be dusted off and updated!

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