Refund Policy

Rimbit does have a refund policy which enables people who can verify that they did not receive Rimbit


  • The Rimbit sent to you did not reach the Explorer located at
  • The claim is made no later than 1 month after payment has been received for that Rimbit

Not Eligible

  • You provided an incorrect Rimbit Wallet Address, as entered by you in the shopping cart
  • You provided an incorrect Rimbit Wallet Address in email correspondence for the purpose of Rimbit sending you your purchased Rimbit

All Cryptocurrency uses a Blockchain to confirm and verify transactions and once a transaction hits the Rimbit Explorer located at it cannot be reversed

It is your responsibility to copy the Rimbit Wallet Address in the “receive coins” tab on a PC or copy the Rimbit Wallet Address on an Android Device

If you are unsure, please let us know after your purchase and we will send 1 Rimbit to your Rimbit Wallet Address as you have copied it and if it goes through correctly, we will send you the entire amount you have purchased to the same Rimbit Wallet Address as copied by you.

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