Giving Crypto Currency to the Community

Altcoins to go up in Value when Bitcoin settles

Over the past few weeks, the Internet has been buzzing about the Bitcoin value and asking the question, why are the Altcoins not riding the wave? If XCoin is valued at say 0.005 BTC, then as Bitcoin rises, then it is assumed that the value of XCoin would increase as well for the USD value.…

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Will you be holding the right #Crypto when the time comes

For many decades the internal combustion engine cars ruled the world, with no end in sight as cars continued to get more advanced and more efficiency was then the main goal as resources continued to dwindle down that where the only reason these cars could ever exist. However, many people dont know but some of…

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What Crypto is less like Fiat and more like a Global Currency

Crypto is in my opinion, the breakaway system that removes the federal reserve (for the USA) and other banking institutions from interfering with Crypto Currency, so it can be used globally without restrictions and more importantly control. But Crypto has not met that challenge as it resembles the controlling interest of those in power and…

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Why All Coins Can Fail on the Blockchain and stop being Trade-able

Altcoins come blazing in, getting mined to the hilt and traded like mad on exchanges and then simply fizzle out and soon, no longer able to be traded as their system collapses. The reason this happens is that all coins rely on the capabilities of users to mine coins, which during their process, also is…

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Imagine – No Bank Account, no Crypto wallet and you can still buy

When we shop online, shop at the store, we can do it without handing over any FIAT currency and instead use our Credit Cards or even our Bitcoin wallets if we have some. But is that enough? Why do we have to be tied down to a Bank that “grants” us a Credit Card or…

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Blockchain and the User as the Storage Wallet – Rimbits next move

We have been out of the scene for close to 12 months and during that time we have been doing more brainstorming into the Crypto Universe. We started off by creating a coin that doesnt need mining and can survive simply via users wallets staking and its proved itself by being attacked left, right and…

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How does Rimbit get its $ value

This question is asked many times and no matter how many ways it is explained, some people really never understand, so this is as good an explanation as we can make it. Simply put: Rimbit gets its value by the price that people buy and sell on Exchanges. If people buy Rimbit at $1 USD,…

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Community Coding – New projects perhaps

As we have moved to giveaways, there is a renewed interest from positive people in the community and we are getting great support from these people. So far 12 projects have been suggested with 7 of these being developed by the community, with some aimed directly at making the distribution aspect, much more acceptable and…

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Giving away Rimbit for Free – Seriously, WTF

Many marketing geniuses have expressed exactly that to us, many times over the past few months and we have refrained from commenting, simply because we wont be going there anymore. However, we do feel we need to explain why Lets go back a few years and look at Yahoo, Excite, Netscape and some other well…

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