Giving Crypto Currency to the Community

Is there a buyout offer on the table? YES there is

The question that is the most important for everyone is the further development and updates that NEED to be handled by a person or company that has the resources to do so.

Currently there is an offer on the table and it is less than 1/3 of what Rimbit acquired with Indiegogo, in an effort to make sure the new owners are not out of pocket and can spend more resources on Rimbit.

The sale of Rimbit includes all domains and Social networks associated with managing Rimbit.

We have set no time-frame for the completion of the sale, but in the interest of the community, we will discuss this further with the interested parties.

Whoever does purchase Rimbit, we hope the community will support their efforts and help work with the new owners to better Rimbit and bring back its true financial value, that has been selfishly taken away by others.

Moving forward is the only way Rimbit can go and as a community its time to stop the nonsense and start making some serious inroad in financial profits as Rimbit is a vehicle that can easily do it without any MINING hardware to be seen!

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