Let's Get On With It

Rimbit is there and it is up to you if you want it

Buying and Selling


Buying Rimbit is done on the exchanges only, with the exception of websites that may crop up selling them privately.

We upload Rimbit in increments on Yobit.net exclusively and we will endeavor to keep it fair and just for everyone, since it is now that Rimbit is being looked at, as the coin it really is, which is just a very simple community coin, that only has opinion and trolls going against it.


Selling your Rimbit is a decision that you need to make and whether you do it now or later will depend on what you want or don't want from Rimbit.

Apart from disposing the remainder of Rimbit on exchanges, we will not be involving ourselves with the community further, so there will come a point, where the only Rimbit being exchanged is by the People and we hope that many Rimbit users will find their lives changed simply by "keeping the faith" and selling at the right time, as Rimbit shows its True Value and Strengths!

Want to try an Exchange we dont list on?

Cryptopia is another Exchange that has stuck by us and you can Buy and Sell Rimbit there too!