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Is there a buyout offer on the table? YES there is

The question that is the most important for everyone is the further development and updates that NEED to be handled by a person or company that has the resources to do so. Currently there is an offer on the table and it is less than 1/3 of what Rimbit acquired with Indiegogo, in an effort…

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Reinstated Forum

As part of advancing forward and bringing everyone back up to speed, we have re-enabled the forum and will let the community discuss its own forum momentum. Trolls will be removed without question until the community can handle these nasty people by themselves without our intervention, after all, its your coin and if you dont…

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Rimbit March 2018 Update – Keeping everyone informed

As some people may already know, I have parted ways 90% with Rimbit as I achieved the primary goal of having a coin to be fully distributed out to the community. Along the way, coins where lost, as is the case with other coins such as Bitcoin. The inherent problem with the way Rimbit did…

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